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Join hands with this organisation for a reasonable and quality education abroad. I am pursuing my MBBS in Ukraine due to them. You will not find any other organisation with high cooperation in every field. Undoubtedly, the best in town in their field!! Trust them for a secure future.

Ayusha Satapathy, Student, KNMU

I am really happy as i am studying in Ukraine 2nd yr MBBS. This all credits goes to you GLOBAL FOCUS . My parents were really scared at that time I started the process. But they feel very happy because I got the chance and they trust you so much and that trust was so worthful….Your service is so nice and my parents are very thankful to you.

Smrutishree pati, Student, V.N. Karazin

Great work by the group to upbring students leading their pathway to become successful doctors.Efforts and motivation stays up high with the members.Starting from passport to the hostel room in foriegn country this educational institution arranges all.Proud being a member of the institution

Saiswarup Mahapatra, Student, KNMU

Each & every care starting from passport,visa,invitation,hostel,fooding,health all care are taken by Global focus member in a soothy way…by there selfless dedication & hardwork..for betterment of Student..Studying ABROAD!!! is very EASY,LIABLE AFFORDABLE only because of GLOBAL FOCUS!!! A special thank to Mr.Abdul zaheer & Dr.Swadhin Mahapatra

JAYASHREE KHATAI, Student, V.N. Karazin

I had an excellent experience with global focus so far who gave me the opportunity to study in abroad..Their services were excellent and they are highly recommended for those who want to pursue their education abroad..They are the best educational consultancy..Thank you globalfocus

Abdul Rahman Khan, Student, KNMU

I am going to become a doctor just because of Global focus.

It is the best educational consultant in India.

Thank you for helping me to achieve my dream.

S.K.Asif Ali, Student, KMU

it is one of the best educational group..
very helpful..the team treat us like a familly..and they put their best effort for our study..i am so lucky that i became a part of this group😍



It is a great organisation. Very cooperative n friendly. Thanks for ur cooperation global focus.




Sudipsa Mohanty, Student, V.N. Karazin